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    Tim Cromarty was twelve years old when he and his friends set up illegally at the 1970 Old Saybrook Art Show.  They had a sack of beach rocks that they had painted and were selling for a buck each. Sales were starting to take off when the Chamber of Commerce president saw them and chased them away. A few minutes later the Chamber president's wife asked her husband “What happened to those cute  boys selling rocks?” The Chamber president ran after the boys and invited them back.
   In the years since, Tim has done many things for work. He has always shone best as a craftsman, but, more and more as he gets older, he feels an artistic inspiration growing inside of him. Looking at his fish, fashioned from scavenged pieces of wood and metal, you can see that he has reached a very high standard of work, but his inspiration is always changing and growing.

   Tim is currently gripped by the idea of doing bigger fish. While this is happening over time, Tim works at what he told me was his dream job, finishing wood details for Housewright, Inc., one of the leading home restoration firms in New England. Owner Skip Broom reports:”Tim has worked for me for 14 years. He is not only an excellent craftsman but a talented artist.”
   If you are interested in commissioning Tim to do a big fish sculpture, you can call him at 860-575-1017 or email him at


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