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Gordon Brennan, owner of Gambrel Acres, has been in the business of producing period style antique windows, doors, and entrance ways since 1985. He has been in the same location for nearly 30 years, having been born and raised in Killingly, CT.   

    Gambrel Acres produces historical millwork for local and regional builders and architects. Our windows have been featured in homes in 'Early American Life' magazines.

   All windows are Tru Divided Lite, and whenever possible, antique glass is substituted for modern, with a beautiful array of antique glass located right at the shop. We also incorporate a modern hidden weather-stripping, if desired, which helps keep the windows energy efficient, and is accepted by historical societies.

   Windows, doors, and entrance ways are all designed in house, or built from customer or architectural designs. Almost anything can be produced or reproduced, to the point of making our own, or having cutters made, to duplicate moldings or muntin profiles. Often times customers will bring in a window or door that is decayed or damaged beyond repair. This is the type of work we enjoy most; working with people who know what they want and appreciate keeping their historical homes the way they were.

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Gambrel Acres
1750 House with windows from Gambrel Acres
            1750 house in Unionville with Gambrel Acres windows
Gambrel Acres Entrance Ways

Gambrel Acres

Killingly High School, Killingly, CT, built in 1908. The original window was damaged in a hurricane, and Gambrel Acres reproduced it to match its twin on the other end of the building.

Gambrel Acres Windows
Gambrel Acres Windows

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