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  In the Spirit of Monty Hall

Kevin is the man with the video games..

Books in the long shed

     In previous issues, we’ve focused on various aspects of the Mansfield Marketplace Sunday Flea Market at the Mansfield Drive-in.  We’ve done an article on the variety of furniture you can find at the Flea Market and another on the fascinating kinds of jewelry that shows up there. This time we’ll be talking about what you’re likely to find in video games, CDs, DVDs, vinyl, and books.

   The man you want to talk to about video games at the Mansfield Flea Market is Kevin. The only thing is, he is only there for half the flea markets, so you might want to email him first at or call him at 860-614-2847.

   Video games singly and in small groups can be found throughout the Flea Market.
    DVDs and CDs of every description are to be found in countless cardboard cartons on the ground and on tabletops.
  Vinyl is generally in cardboard cartons, sometimes in unexpected places. One of the best collections of LPs I’ve ever seen at the Flea Market was in a cardboard box at Kevin’s video game booth.

Books are hit and miss. I’ve been lucky almost every time I’ve been to Mansfield Flea Market, finding fine coffee-table volumes on antique American furniture and old-house design for a few dollars each. In the long building, that seems to go on for a quarter of a mile, there are a number of long shelves of books for about a dollar each, less for some paperbacks.  The fun part is that the books are stacked in no particular order, so you will find the book version of Boardwalk Empire, for instance, right next to Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome.  Biographies, cooking, philosophy, and true crime are all mixed in together.

CDs are everywhere.

Games are where you find them.

Vinyl abounds

The long shed. This photo only shows half of it.

Free farm wagon rides for the whole family.

Music on the farm wagon ride.
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