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  In the Spirit of Monty Hall

    Over the past few years we have run a series of articles about the Mansfield Drive-in Marketplace, eastern Connecticut’s largest flea market. Each article focused on a category, the last two on furniture and then ceramics. In this installment of the series I’ll share with our readers the jewelry I came across at the Marketplace the morning of May 20th.

  Generally you won’t be finding pricier antique pieces at the Marketplace, but never say never, anything can and has shown up on any given Sunday, from March to the end of November. What you  are sure to come across is a wide selection of inspired, well-crafted contemporary and vintage costume pieces.

    Joel Francoeur and his daughters Victoria and Ann hail from Plainfield. They go to a number of flea markets selling the popular “Darlene’s Jewelry” line, along with a very colorful eclectic selection of newer and older pieces.

    Fawn Iannitelli came all the way from Worcester, Mass.  Fawn is a flea market veteran. Fawn is a real kidder, one of those women who can’t think of anything better to do than make people happy.  She sells a well-chosen assortment of low to medium priced pieces from the past fifty years.

    Ralph and Darcy Dubiel are in the storage business in Coventry, which gives them access to abandoned storage units that sometime contain surprisingly valuable jewelry, which Dorey sells at the Marketplace.

    “Make a Bracelet” is the brain-storm of Robin and Eric Brone.  Eleven years ago, they were inspired to specialize in bright-colored snap jewelry, which they mainly sell at fairs and flea markets.

   Rob MacDonald started “Name-A-Ring“ longer ago than he cares to admit.  He is fascinating to watch at his outside workbench. His motto: “Done on the spot in just 2 minutes!!! Comfort Fit 316 Stainless.”

Jim Misiek with his blue topaz and sterling silver necklaces.

Jim and some of his wood creations.

    Jim Misiek from Danielson had the priciest jewelry I came across that day. The necklaces Jim was selling featured all natural blue as well as mystic Tibetan topaz, with Sterling silver over jewelry grade copper. Along with these fine pieces, Jim offers some of his own handmade woodcraft.

    All of the above are just a sample of what you might see on a Sunday at the Mansfield Drive-in Marketplace on a Sunday from April to late November. It is no secret that dealers and pickers stop at the Mansfield Marketplace on their way up to Brimfield. What they buy at Mansfield they sell at Brimfield for three times what they paid

Joel Francoeur and his daughters Victoria and Anne broght these treasures up from their home base in Plainfield.

Darcy Dubiel from Coventry

Darcy and her husband are in the storage space business and find their jewelry in abandoned units.

Fran Zannitelli has a big smile and a wisecrack for everyone.

Robin and Eric Barone started "Make a Bracelet"' 11 years ago. Their jewelry comes from Amsterdam.

Robin talks to a prospective customer while Eric looks on.

Rob McDonald travels New England with "Name A Ring" during the warm months and winters in Florida.
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