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   Historic Housefitters is a leading purveyor of quality reproduction antique 18th century hardware fixtures for Early American homes. The following is a selection of a few of their most popular items.

LanternSmall Haddam wall lantern
of copper.


   All of our wall lanterns are handcrafted here in the USA out of solid copper or brass, antique or black finish available. Many are offered in 3 sizes to fit and compliment the beauty of the outside of any home, new or old.

Historic Housefitters
Norfolk Entry Door Latch

   We specialize in hand-forged traditional style thumb latches for doors or gates as well as more modern application for use with a mortise locks. This will give you the look & feel of the 18th Century handles with the function of a secure mortise lock. All proudly handcrafted by our blacksmiths in the USA.

   Our finely handcrafted tin sconces are detailed to have the look of old tin, with a finish showing different hues of dark to charcoal grey. No two are exactly alike, which is what makes them so unique. These are proudly handcrafted in the USA.




   Getting into our more decorative side of hand-forged iron, we offer the same quality and detail with our hand-forged iron floor lamp.

   With the Ball Top Finial for the more traditional look to the whimsical Heart Top Finial, they come complete with a hand-made shade all are handcrafted in the USA.

Iron floor lamp with Ball Top Finial

Tinsmith Chandelier
   From the tinsmith’s shop comes this primitive, early design that we offer in either 4 light or 2 light electric or candle versions. Perfect for a foyer or over a smaller table. These are all handcrafted in the USA.

   Completely hand-forged strap hinges available in our standard finial designs. Arrow-Head, Bean, Heart or Ball & Spear in stock lengths 12”, 18” 24” or 30”. With beveled edges and the natural bees wax finish to give that 18th Century period look & feel.

Heart Strap Hinge
Heart Strap Hinge

Arrow Head Strap Hinge
Arrow Head Strap Hinge

Ball & Spear Strap Hinge
Ball & Spear Strap Hinge

Bean Strap Hinge
Bean Strap Hinge

P.O. Box 2305  ·  New Preston, CT 06777
800-247-4111  ·
18th century lighting, brass and hand-forged iron hardware


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