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Country Carpenters

     The Henry Whitfield stone house in Guilford, built in 1639, calls itself the oldest house in the state, and it is the oldest house still standing.  The first house in the state, according to the classic history text Connecticut, by Albert E. Van Dusen, was  pre-fabricated in Plymouth, Massachusetts .  "On September 26, 1633,” Van Dusen relates, “the Plymouth contingent reached the spot purchased from the Indians earlier and quickly erected the frame house which they had carried from Plymouth.  Around this building they rapidly constructed a stockade, or palisado, against possible attack from hostile Indians or the Dutch. Thus Windsor was founded.”

    Country Carpenters in Hebron has been constructing pre-fabricated New England style post and beam buildings since 1974, a four decades-long tradition that continues a heritage of practical craftsmanship that goes all the way back to Connecticut’s first  house.  Country Carpenters concentrates on   barns and sheds.  It has shipped kits to every state east of the Mississippi, to Europe and to England and Ireland. Its sister company, Early New England Homes, now offers a kit based on a 1750 style center chimney cape.

Country Carpenters
    Fred Brehant, Operations Manager at Country Carpenters and Early New England Homes, sent me this quote from author, historian and painter Eric Sloane as an expression of how strong the dedication of the two companies is to their felt mission:
“In spite of all the computers and modern science that make our life easier, it need not dull our heritage of the American spirit as long as we do not forget the vanished joys of pioneer life and the way the early American lived and thought. After all, we are the sort of human being with capability of experiencing the old-time spirit. We just need to remember.”

Country Carpenters

Country Carpenters
Country Carpenters, Inc.
Hebron, CT 06248  ·  860/228.2276
Early New England Homes
Bolton, CT 06043  ·  860/643.1148

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