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WOODMASTERS:  Maurer and Shepherd Joyners

   It’s one thing to admire centuries-old woodcraft in a museum; it’s another to recognize a similar level of skill in commercial work being done today. Nowhere is this skill more alive than at Maurer and Shepherd Joyners, who work their magic out of a shop in a pre-Civil War factory building in Glastonbury.

   For forty years, Maurer and Shepherd has specialized in accurately replicating woodwork styles from the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries, expertly matching existing millwork in historic homes and crafting unique reproduction details for new buildings.

   Whether it is true mortise and tenon doors, true divided light windows, hand-planed panel walls authentic-style corner cabinets or detailed crown mouldings, Maurer and Shepherd have demonstrated that they are in a class by themselves, that they are the true heirs of the master woodcarvers of centuries past. See for yourself at their website,

Georgian Room

Typical Connecticut Valley Door with Splay Top and Transom
Georgian Style Entryway

18th Century Window

Federal Style Entryway

Georgian Room
17th Century Window

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