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  Stephen Earp makes “Redware,” a type of pottery based on the domestic earthenware of the 17th - 19th centuries. Steve is drawn to the tenacity, the quirky habits, and the fascinating histories of early American potters. While some of these potters circumvented Colonial era manufacturing laws others offered running commentaries slip-trailed across many a dinner plate or chamber pot.

Bake Dishes Vine & Leaf

Scroddled Jar

  Several early pottery forms spanned millennia virtually unchanged. Tracing the “family tree” of other forms is like playing a game of telephone across centuries. In any case, the clarity of line and the purposeful execution of form is pure elegance.

  Stephen Earp Redware strives to achieve the same fluid engagement embodied by the best of this quintessential craft tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries. Steve explores these wares as living reminders of a world we evolved from, while we try to sort out the perplexing question of where we are heading.

Dove Jar
Dove Jar
Plate Three Tulip
Plate Large Twig
Plate Large Twig
Four Potters
Four Potters

  Stephen Earp is featured in Early American Life’s “National Directory of Traditional Arts” and the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s “Keepers of the Tradition Archive.” Earp received his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Iowa in 1986. He apprenticed to Richard Bresnahan at St. John's Pottery in Minnesota and worked with Potters for Peace in Nicaragua, Central America. Earp was Master Potter at Old Sturbridge Village for many years. His work and writings on pottery history have been featured in several books, magazines and newspaper articles. You can read Earp’s syndicated blog, “This Day In Pottery History,” at

P.O. Box 10  ·  Shelbourne, MA 01370
413-625-0105  ·
"New England's Finest Redware"

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