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   Glenn Pianka, owner of owner of Olde New England Building and Salvage Company in Lebanon, spent twenty years as a Connecticut State Police Officer. He believes it was the best preparation possible for what he does now, “getting a grip on things,” as he calls it. Glenn has been the president of the Lebanon Historical Society since 2011; hence his days are split between selling some antique buildings and objects while saving other buildings and objects from the marketplace.

    Growing up in nearby Bozrah, the grandson of Polish textile millworkers, Glenn was the only one in his family who developed any interest in American antiquities. As a boy, he collected coins and stamps; it wasn’t long before he was looking around for more adventurous collecting challenges.

Farm Hitching Post
Granite Farm Hitching Post

Retaining Wall
Circa 1850 Block Granite Retaining Wall

When he was thirteen,Glenn heard that the old stone hitching post in the center of town was in the way of some new construction. He went to the First Selectman who told him with a smile that, if he could get the thing out of there, he could have it. “I dug and I dug,” Glenn remembers, “but I couldn’t get the thing to budge. The guy who owned the gas station down the street had a tow truck, and I gave him all the money I had, twenty bucks saved up from my paper route, to yank the thing out and lay it in my backyard. When I showed the First Selectman what I did, he said, ‘you son of a bitch!’ People have been calling me names ever since.”

Antique Federal Mantle,
Colchester, CT circa 1795
Matched wallboards
18th Century Matched Pair
Wall Sheathing Boards
Restoration Wide Pine
Pantry Shelves
19th Century Pantry Shelving (Five Tiers)
Pine Floor
18th Century Ship-Lapped
Attic Pine Flooring
Pine Floor
Late 18th century Northern Hard Pine

Our biggest problem was what not to show in this article. Click on Olde New England’s banner link at the top of the right column of the page to see one of the best selections of antique New England building salvage available anywhere.


Beaumont Above left, clockwise: The 19th century library building, the Broom Shop and Smoke House, and the late 18th century Beaumont House are all owned by the Lebanon Historical Society and sit on Lebanon Historical Society land next to the Museum and Visitor Center.

Olde New England Salvage CT Old House
Early New England Homes - Country Carpenters

Mansfield Drive-in and Marketplace

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