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John Scudder Grandfather Clock
A rare and important labeled antique Federal grandfather clock.
Case by John Scudder, Westfield, New Jersey,
circa 1795-1800.
Courtesy Gary R. Sullivan
Antiques, Inc.


by Gary R. Sullivan

  The most commonly recognized form of antique clock is typically referred to as a Grandfather clock. Known among collectors as "tall case clocks" or "tall clocks", these early American antique clocks range in size, but are normally around eight feet tall.

  Considered a luxury item at their time of manufacture, antique grandfather clocks feature cases which are often constructed of vibrant, high quality hardwoods and can feature elaborate inlays, carving and paint decorations.

  The American antique grandfather clock was produced in all of the original states and appears with great regional variety. The form began to dwindle in popularity by the 1830's, and was replaced by less expensive manufactured examples. Antique grandfather clocks can be found by hundreds of different early American clock makers. Despite their age, a properly maintained antique grandfather clock keeps surprisingly good time.

Gary Sullivan is the owner of Gary R. Sullivan Antiques, Inc. and one of the world's leading experts on antique clocks and furniture. He is a regular appraiser on the PBS series"Antiques Roadshow."

Gary R. Sullivan Antiques


“How much more agreeable is it to sit in the midst of old furniture like Minott’s clock, and secretary and looking glass, which have come down from other generations, than amid that which was just bought from the cabinet-makers, smelling of varnish, like a coffin! To sit under the face of an old clock that has been ticking one hundred and fifty years- there is something mortal, not to say immortal, about it; a clock that began to tick when Massachusetts was a province.”
 - Henry David Thoreau


RG Bettcher Period Architecture Components
Mansfield Drive-in and Marketplace

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