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Stebbins House, built in 1799

    For all the times I’ve crossed into Massachusetts to visit Old Deerfield Village—at least ten times during the past five years—I’ve always played by the rules. I always checked in at the Visitor Center, paid my entrance fee, than checked the schedule for when docent-led tours would be given at different houses.  I found that by running my ass off between tours I could squeeze in as many as six tours in a day, although I was totally exhausted by the time the day was done.

    This time was going to be different, I told myself as I drove up Highway 10 in October. The weather was so damned glorious, I knew I couldn’t stand to spend a minute inside this time, not even ten seconds.  As it turned out, I spent the entire afternoon strolling the length of Main Street, taking photos as the spirit lead. I fell into a natural rhythm of walk, what Thoreau would have called a “sojourner” walk. And my past guided tours paid off, adding insight to the houses and lands I was seeing. It was a special afternoon, one I may not have again for a long time, if ever. The next time I return to Old Deerfield Village, I’ll be back on the program, no matter how nice it is outside.”

Henry and Helen Flynt, the founders of Historic Deerfield, acquired the 1754 Allen House in 1945 and restored it as their own Deerfield home.

The Wells-Thorn House built in 1741/8 has seen several restorations through the years. Painted "light sky blue", possibly by Hezekiah Wright Strong around 1801.

Bernard's Tavern built 1795

1748 Doctor Thomas Williams House, Showing additions to the rear.

The Joseph Barnard House, built in 1769-72, is on of Deefield's architectural gems, inspired by grand houses in coastal New England.

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